Friday, April 29, 2011

Lab2A 3D clustered column plots realized in SAS

This is an example from the TA textbook <Essential of Modern Business Statistics>, the graph is on page 65. Here I try to draw this graph with SAS. The original Excel data is: restaurant data.

The original graph is generated from Excel with clustered column plot. Looks like:

Now I try to plot it with SAS. The job is not finished. Still to make improvement with it.
proc import datafile="c:\sasdata\lab2a.xls"
                    dbms=excel replace;

proc datasets;
      modify restaurant;
      rename quality_rating=qty_rate meal_price____=meal_p;

data restaurant;
      set restaurant;
      if 10 <= meal_p < 19 then meal='A';
      else if 19 <= meal_p < 29 then meal='B';
      else if 29 <= meal_p < 39 then meal='C';
      else  meal='D';

proc sort data=restaurant;
      by qty_rate meal;

data restnew;
      set restaurant;
      by qty_rate meal;
      retain i;
      if first.meal or first.meal then i=1;
            else i=i+1;
      if last.qty_rate or last.meal then output;

proc print data=restnew;

goptions device=png;
goptions noborder;

goptions gunit=pct htitle=6 ftitle="albany amt/bold" htext=4.25 ftext="albany amt/bold";

axis1 label=none value=none
axis2 label=(a=90 'Cardinarity of Each Subgroup') order=(0 to 70 by 10) minor=(number=1) offset=(0,0);
axis3 label=('Rate') offset=(7,5);

pattern1 v=solid color=cx9999ff;  /* light blue */
pattern2 v=solid color=cx993366;  /* purplish */
pattern3 v=solid color=cxffffcc;  /* pale yellow */
pattern4 v=solid color=green;  /* green */

proc gchart data=restnew;
 vbar3d meal / discrete
 type=sum sumvar=i
 cframe=white /* otherwise the background/frame for 3d bar charts is dark gray */
 subgroup=meal /* this controls the coloring */
 maxis=axis1 /* midpoint axis */
 raxis=axis2 /* response/numeric axis */
 gaxis=axis3 /* group axis */
 autoref clipref cref=graycc
 des="" name="&name"


The graph is as below:

( Thanks for help from Robert Allison )